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Introducing our hilarious "Extra Fries Exercise" T-shirt! 🍟


Picture this: a mouthwatering pile of French fries taking center stage, with the bold caption: "EXERCISE? I THOUGHT you said extra fries" printed below it. 🏋️‍♂️❌🍟


This tee is perfect for all the foodies and fry enthusiasts out there who understand that the real workout is lifting those extra fries from the plate to your mouth! It's a fun and cheeky way to show off your love for indulgence and your sense of humor. 😄


So, why break a sweat at the gym when you can enjoy some delicious extra fries instead? Grab your tee and let the world know where your priorities lie – in the fryer!

Another Fine Day Ruined by Adulthood (White ink))


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