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Become a T-Shirt Army Affiliate

Why Choose Us?

Wide Variety

With over 500 designs and counting, we cater to every taste! From witty and sarcastic to faith-based and niche-specific designs, we've got it all!

Quality Guaranteed

We take pride in our premium-quality t-shirts. Made with the finest materials and printed with precision, our shirts stand out for their comfort and durability.

Fast Shipping

Your customer will love our prompt shipping services. We ensure quick delivery, keeping your customers happy and coming back for more!

How It Works

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and add the Affiliate fee to your cart. Once you have checked out, on the Thank You page, you will see a download button next to the product image (example below). It is our Welcome letter and it contains more information and the link to setup your affiliate back office. You will also receive the order confirmation email that has the link as well.


Once you are approved to the affiliate back office, you can start using your unique affiliate link to share that is specifically linked to you and if someone makes purchase using your link, you earn 30% commissions!


Affiliate FAQs

How do I get commissions using an affiliate link?

When someone browses to the website using your referral link, it creates a cookie that stays in their history for 60 days. If they come back and make a purchase within that 60 days, you will earn commissions for each order. 

How are commissions paid?

When you setup your affiliate back office, you will be asked how you would like to receive your commissions. Currently, we only support PayPal and direct deposits. We are looking to add other avenues of payment soon. You will be notified when new payout methods are added. 

How often are commissions paid?

Commissions will be paid out once a month on the 25th. Commissions earnings will be paid out after the 30 day return window closes which minimizes chargebacks to your earnings.


For example: Cynthia made a sale on March 5th. The return window for the order closes on April 5th. So the commissions from this sale will be paid on April 25th. 

Where can I use my link or sell?

We highly recommend doing more than just sharing your link on social media. We suggest looking locally for small businesses or groups that need a larger supply of shirts made. You don't just earn commissions on the designs you see on the website! We also do custom shirts! Do you have a church group or baseball team that would like some shirts made to support their cause? You can make commissions on those orders as well! 

Do I have to live in Florida to be an affiliate?

Absolutely not! 

Why do I have to pay an affiliate fee to join?

The affiliate fee is for 2 high quality tee shirts that we will send you so that you can experience the quality of the product you are promoting. Also, for your back office setup to be able to see in real time how you are earning your commissions. Having a few shirts and wearing them will start catching peoples attention and having them commenting or asking how to get their own!

Affiliate Registration Fee

 Only $39!

This fee covers the setup in our affiliate system, including the creation of a link for your affiliate website, and provides you with two of our t-shirts. We believe in the importance of experiencing our products firsthand before promoting them, so we will select two shirts from our collection to send to you.

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